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Our SEO marketing services for WordPress websites are designed to drive traffic while increasing rankings.

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Our team has 10-years of WordPress SEO experience and organic growth for businesses looking to enhance their rankings. We have successfully implemented SEO plans to rank WordPress websites within search engines for targeted keywords such as Google across various business verticals. We have worked with numerous themes as design solutions for businesses and worked to make them search engine friendly.


Let Our WordPress SEO Experts Get You To Position 1 on Google

Our team utilizes proven SEO practices with our services to ensure the growth and success of your WordPress website. We can address some of the WordPress issues that affect overall search engine optimization performance. For example, the proper implementation of breadcrumbs for eCommerce WordPress websites thant enhances site architecture making them SEO friendly. We have the know-how to address those issues associated with WordPress that can affect SEO.

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Some highlights of our offered SEO services include:

Our Process Improving SEO For WordPress Websites

Our SEO strategists will review what SEO efforts are in place on your WordPress website. We examine your business and its overall search engine optimization picture. We review SEO factors that are currently working well for your business and what is hindering it. And, we provide recommendations with SEO strategies to enhance your website’s online visibility and increase your conversion rates. Then, we develop a customized SEO road map with action items designed for your WordPress website to reach your target customers effectively.

We customize our WordPress SEO plans to your business vertical, not a cookie-cutter approach. To develop the strategies for your plan, we consider your online target customers that are searching for your products or services. We consider the various demographics and personas.  Also, our plans take location into a consideration: are you operating locally, national or globally? We provide a comprehensive approach to reach your SEO goals.

Our SEO Services For WordPress

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Keyword Research & Targeting

Proper keyword research is crucial to any WordPress website. Our SEO professionals perform a rigorous analysis of your current keyword rankings for pages on your website, as well as examine those of your competitors. We will also take into consideration your target prospects on which keywords would fit your business goals.

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Tailored SEO Audit Services

Our WordPress site audits provide a comprehensive report on how your website is currently ranking in the mix among other competitors. We examine those SEO factors that could be hindering your WordPress website from reaching your customers.

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SEO Copywriting Services

Our SEO content writing services tailored for WordPress websites allowing your business to engage your audiences with the content related to user’s current search engine queries for your product categories and products within them. If you are looking to reach specific local audiences, our content writing services can develop local content that resonates to their search behavior. 


On-Page SEO Services

As part of our On-Page SEO strategy, we focus on those pages that are important to your marketing funnel, which includes homepage, top-level category pages, sub category pages and individual product pages.  This begins with keyword research analysis of your WordPress website to identify relevant keywords for your business.

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SEO Link Building Services

With our white hat backlink building techniques and process, we are are able to move the needle with organic rankings for your business in search engines like Google. We research relevant backlinking opportunities for your WordPress website.

Local SEO

Local SEO Services

Google’s Pigeon and Possum algorithm updates are constantly changing how they display local business results. As a local SEO company, we have experience developing a long-term SEO strategy to build your local search presence for your WordPress website. 

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SEO Reporting

We provide customized SEO reporting that shows results for search engine optimization work for websites. Our reports generally show top ranking keywords, new qualified visitors from organic searches, and organic conversions for your WordPress website.

WordPress SEO FAQs

Do I need for SEO services with SEO plugins such as Yoast available on WordPress ?

SEO plugins such as Yoast are tools. To utilize these tools properly, it takes proper keyword research and mapping to effectively rank to reach your target prospects.  Proper keyword research as well as competitive keyword research will  is the foundation for any SEO campaign. A SEO professional can guide your business on the ranking viability of your desired keywords while expanding upon your desired keywords that could give you immediate results on your WordPress website.

How do I know if SEO is working for my WordPress website?

First, you can benchmark your success with any SEO campaign. You would start benchmarking rankings of those keywords you wish to target with your priority pages (category, subcategory, and product pages). Secondly, you can benchmark online sales or conversion data throughout the SEO campaign (before, during, and after). Also, you can benchmark website traffic along with sales or conversion data to determine if you have gained more qualified sales or leads with a SEO campaign. Tools like Google Analytics have made SEO efforts more transparent.

How long does it take rank for Position 1 on Google with my WordPress website?

When you engage in a SEO campaign, it is good to start with realistic business expectations. We have seen older WordPress websites with well-established domains get results within 90 days or less.

With recently launched WordPress websites, you must consider the competition within your business vertical. If your competition is low and there is relevant user search volume for keywords, you could see results within 90 days or less. If there is high competition within your vertical, it could take up to a year. We can perform an SEO audit to see where you are at among the competition with your WordPress website.

Why is SEO blog content development important with my WordPress website?

Blogs on WordPress websites act as the active voice of your brand and products; whereas, your homepage, category, subcategory, and product pages on your WordPress website are the passive voice (they are the static pages on your WordPress website). New SEO content engages audiences and builds Web presence for active product searches by customers. Think of it this way; a WordPress blog is a bridge to the passive voice of your website. WordPress blogs connect customers to your products and services.

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