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Our SEO strategists can identify website On-Page search engine optimization factors hurting your On-Page SEO


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On-Page Optimization Strategies Increasing Organic Discovery in Google

Our SEO strategists work with B2B and eCommerce businesses developing an On-Page SEO checklist that increases organic traffic with your target prospects while raises awareness of your brand’s products and services.

We Can Identify Website On-Page Factors Hurting Your SEO

Our process for On-Page optimization starts by examining your website’s front-end and back-end elements that could be hindering your business rankings in reaching customers throughout the various stages of the buyer journey. We work towards quickly identifying those elements that are hindering rankings. We utilize SEO best for On-Page optimizations so that your customers keep back to your site.

On-Page Optimization SEO Methods Designed For Quick SEO Wins

Our On-Page Optimization SEO techniques and services for your website are inexpensive compared to traditional marketing methods, allow you to achieve a higher local search presence, and produce higher conversion rates. To get there, we start by creating a custom game plan.


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URL optimizations

Our team will examine the URLs of your website to ensure the proper keywords or key phrases is within your URL structures. With this approach, we can anticipate your prospect’s clicks for your products and services. We will develop a list of URLs missing keywords and key phrases from their search queries. To guide our efforts, we will discuss which URLs are a top priority for your business.


Title Tag Optimizations

Your title tag is the online billboard of your products and services. The title tag element to all your pages on your website is critical. Without proper keywords, your target prospects will not see your online billboard (keywords related to your products and services). We utilize furnished keyword lists or keyword research performed by us to focus keywords based on the content of each of your landing pages that is user-friendly and enhances your overall page click-through rate.

Header Tag Optimizations

Proper usage of header tags has a positive impact on search engine rankings. They allow web crawlers from search engines like Google to understand the purpose and structure of your Web page. Structuring header tags on pages of your website are crucial for on-site optimizations. H1s are considered a critical element on your Web page and only to be used once. Your H1s should include a key phrase or descriptive text for each of your landing pages. We utilize furnished keyword lists or our client-approved keyword research to focus keywords with your header tag optimizations.

Alt Tag Optimizations

Alt descriptions are an often overlooked with on-pages optimizations or not utilized properly. Approximately 12 million people 40 years and over in the United States have vision impairment, including 1 million who are blind, 3 million who have vision impairment after correction, and 8 million who have vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive error according to the CDC. This is another SEO opportunity for B2B website and eCommerce websites to capture another segment of business that uses screen tools to describe product or service images. We will utilize keywords and phrases along with descriptors to accurately portray images for your alt tags. 

Image Filename Optimization

The images of your products and services can potentially be displayed as featured snippets if you are using proper naming conventions of your website images. Google features images as featured snippets if alt tags are optimized and naming conventions are utilizing keywords. They feature these images as snippets when no other alternatives are available. We include approved keywords and product SKUs as the name convention for eCommerce and B2B websites. Again, this is often another overlooked On-Page SEO strategy.

Internal Linking

Proper internal linking connects your content within your website and gives search engines like Google knowledge of the overall structure of your website. Internal linking structuring includes your header navigation and drop-down menus, footer links, related product links, featured products and services on your homepage, and internal links within your content. However, an internal linking strategy is to build them with anchor text utilizing keywords and phrases and implement them at the various stages of the customer journey to push them further down the sales funnel. Our internal link approach is sales-focused and guides your customer throughout the purchase journey.

On-Site Technical Optimizations

Our SEO audits include a comprehensive list of potential On-Page technical optimizations. We only focus on those technical optimizations that hinder organic performance. Some of the issues that we look at include the following:

  • Javascript placement at the bottom of the page
  • Ensuring canonical tags have been implemented
  • Ensuring the website is responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Identifying duplicate title tags, H1s, and meta descriptions
  • Identifying missing title tags, H1s, and meta descriptions
  • Ensuring logo is optimized
  • Ensure site map is submitted properly
  • Identifying any indexing issues
  • Ensuring schema data has properly been implemented.


SEO Copywriting For Building Industry Authority & Support Landing Pages

Our SEO copywriters can help you become an authority within your industry. They can provide content ideas based on relevant searches from your prospects. Also, our SEO content writing services can build new relevant content that will bridge to your existing landing pages enhancing conversion opportunities. The primary benefits of this approach is tracked keywords will rise in rankings and you will gain more qualified sales and leads. We utilize industry tools to allow your business to develop SEO content that will reach your prospects allowing you build industry authority.

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