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SEO Copywriters That Increases Organic Discovery, Ranking You On Google

Our SEO content writers work with B2B and eCommerce businesses developing SEO-friendly content that raises awareness of your products or services with keyword placement strategies. Our SEO content writers will enhance your product and service organic visibility with your target prospects pushing them further down the sales funnel.

Our SEO Content Writing Service Process

Existing Website & Blog Post Content Update Process

Our SEO content team will conduct an SEO content analysis of your website or blog posts. We will examine the utilization of target keywords to reach your target prospects, placement, and structure of your keywords on your pages. In the second phase of our SEO content analysis, we will examine the engagement metrics of your existing content with your audiences to formulate an SEO content strategy. To set your business up for ongoing success with SEO content marketing, we will develop custom metrics to provide a more granular view of performance utilizing Google Tag Manager defining custom variables that will feed into your Google Analytics account and with our SEO custom reporting. After we completed the SEO content analysis, we will develop a custom SEO content plan that will included a list of approved keywords, related keywords, and latent semantic indexing keywords (LSIs) to be implemented on your website.

New SEO Copy Process For New Website Pages & Blog Posts

Our SEO strategists will provide our SEO copywriters with a list of approved keywords, related keywords, and latent semantic indexing keywords (LSIs) with search volume with your main keywords. Once approved, our SEO copywriting team will develop an outline strategy for metadata placement and a draft of the proposed copy for approval.
In the second phase, we will implement custom metrics to provide a more granular view of SEO content performance utilizing Google Tag Manager defining custom variables that will allow our team or your content marketing team to pivot based on real-time performance with content strategy.  Finally, we will work with you or your content marketing team to develop a custom content plan based on relevant user search queries that are looking for your products or services. Don’t have a content marketing team? No worries, we will work with you on the implementation of your content plan. 

Our SEO Writing Services Include

Our SEO copywriting services includes a complete content plan guiding your business from where you are now and where you can go to achieve your business goals and growth with SEO.


Comprehensive Content Analysis

Our team will examine your current content website sturcture or plan and identify SEO opportunities that will enhance your rankings while reaching your target prospects. We provide recommendations such as on-page optimizations, website and blog content, internal linking structure utilizing anchor text with current relevant keywords and how to questions based on current user queries with FAQs.


Keyword Research & Targeting

Proper relevant keyword research is crucial to any online business. Our SEO strategists will perform a rigorous analysis of your current keyword rankings for pages on your website and examine your competitors as well. We will also take into consideration of your target prospects on which keywords would fit your business goals with your content marketing strategy.

Optimizing Legacy Content With SEO

We analyze the website data with enterprise websites and develop strategies to revive legacy content. Our approach is examining current search trends with the topic on your blog posts or web pages and develop SEO strategies to re-engage your audiences with your legacy content. Some SEO copywriting strategies could be simply refreshing content based on current search trends or the consolidation of content of similar web pages or blog topics to streamline your audience’s behavior and engagement with target prospects.

SEO Internal Linking Strategy

Our SEO copywriters have experience in implementing internal links on website pages and blog posts with proper anchor texts pushing your audience to your high-value pages moving them to convert. Also, we have worked with clients that have hardcoded websites to implement our internal linking strategies.

Designing Content Engagment KPIs

We set your business up for ongoing success with SEO content marketing, we will develop custom metrics for KPIs that measure content engagment. We utilize Google Tag Manager to define custom variables that will allow you to be reactive to content performance and pivot on the fly. 


Content Performance Analysis & Reporting

SEO performance reporting is key to any SEO content plan. It allows a business to assess SEO tactics and adapt SEO plans based on search trends, algorithm updates from search engines such as Google, and your new business objectives. To understand these results, you will receive a report on key performance metrics that matter to your business. Within the monthly report, you will get a list of SEO deliverables, observations and insights, and the next steps with the game plan.

Once you have received your monthly report, the SEO consultant will schedule a call to discuss the report’s findings and plans for the next month’s phase of your content plan.


SEO Copywriting FAQs

Why is SEO copywriting important to my business?

SEO copywriting provides a voice for your business and builds trust with your audiences. By building trust with proper SEO copywriting, you will have a higher degree of professionalism with your target prospects. Also, SEO copywriting allows your business to engage target prospects with relevant searches and questions that they may have, making your website content more accessible to address their search queries and pushing them into the sales cycle.

Why is SEO copywriting important with content marketing?

SEO copywriting will allow your content marketing assets to rank in search engines such as Google. SEO copywriters can develop SEO-friendly metadata, create a clear call to action with your content, enhance your content focus and structure to boost your content’s value, and implement keywords naturally for your target audiences.


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