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Importance of SEO Link Building & Our Approach

Backlinks are an important ranking factor with search engine optimization efforts because they are signals to search engines such as Google that another website finds your content valuable and is linking to it within their content.

Backlink building is essential to any off-page business SEO strategy and involves earning backlinks in three ways: natural links, manual links, and self-created links. Google and other search engines consider the quality and relevancy of a website’s backlink profile as ranking signals.

There are online services promising 100s of backlinks instantly, which sounds appealing to business owners. The backlink quality and relevancy should give you pause because your website could get penalized by search engines such as Google with black hat tactics.

At seodynamix, our link building and link earning campaigns come from researching the relevancy and quality of any potential inbound links pointing to your websites so that your website sends positive signals to Google of trust and authority.

A White-Hat Link Building Agency & Our Services

Our white-hat link-building techniques allow companies content to build trust, visibility, and relevancy with their target prospects sending a positive signal to search engines like Google.

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Syndicated Press Release Distribution Services

Get online instant exposure, natural promotion, professional written press releases, garner online brand authority within your industry, and full reporting with our press release distribution services. We research those journalists and those authoritative bloggers within your industry to get your business’s newsworthy messages in front of your target prospects while building those good natural backlinks. Our services include professionally written press releases from SEO content writing team with unlimited revisions.

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Blogger Influencer Outreach Services

Our blogger outreach services connect your business to those top influencers within your industry. We research to identify those your industry’s players examining their audiences as well as their authority within your industry. Blogger outreach has a few of the following benefits: increase online visibility for your business, cost-effective than traditional marketing, reaches your target prospects, improves your backlink profile, and improves trust. Building long-lasting relationships with influential bloggers will build confidence in your brand.

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Outreach Editorial Posting Services

Our outreach editorial posting services allow your business to reach out to third-party websites within your niche to republish your content on their website. The source will be attributed to you by a link within their website or canonical tag that we will place on your behalf so that search engines like Google know that your business is the source of the message. Some of the benefits of our outreach editorial posting services include diverse signals for search engines such as Google with nofollow, follow and canonical tags to your business as the source and reputable online outlets.

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Unlinked Mentions Services

As part of our link-building services, we utilize industry tools to identify those online authoritative references that have mentioned your brand or product but not linked to your website. Once we identify the source, we reach out to them requesting link placement on their website on your behalf. If your company has a national presence, local brand mentions can increase your local SEO efforts to reach prospects within those regions. If you are a small business, local brand mentions are crucial for your local SEO efforts.

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Broken Link Reclamation Services

Our first step with our broken link reclamation process is to identify whether any potential broken links exist on your website and address them so that your website is properly optimized from a usablity standpoint.  Then, we utilize third-party industry tools to identify those backlinks that are broken from authorative websites to identify your most valuable backlinks. Once have identified the quality links that needs to be reclaimed, we reach out site owners to give them the correct URLs to your website.

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Content Marketing Collaboration Services

Content marketing is a good way of building natural inbound links that your prospects will share. Our SEO copywriting team works with content marketing teams identifying trending topics and keywords around your industry’s vertical. With this approach, your content marketing endeavors are meeting the current search demands of your prospects. As part of our SEO reporting, we will provide you data on how your audiences interact with your content and conversions that resulted from those interactions.

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Infographic Outreach Services

With our infographic outreach services, we look for websites and blogs that are authoritative within your business vertical to secure the placement of infographics that your company has produced in-house. Our SEO copywriting team will develop supporting content for your infographic placement to fit the overall message of the content creator. The benefits of infographic outreach include brand credibility, drives targeted traffic, easily can become viral, and build link diversity.

Gain A Competitive Advantage With Link Building Agency

We understand the nuances of link building and how it affects overall site rankings. We have been there for 10-years with companies during numerous Google algorithm changes and their effects on their backlink profiles. As an SEO partner, we are committed to an ongoing effort to ensure your link-building campaign is executed and meets the standards of Google.

An SEO Company Practicing White-Hat Back Link Building

We have encountered thousands of irrelevant and low-quality backlink profiles on websites for companies. Many of these are from legacy SEO endeavors or simply black-hat practices for acquiring numerous backlinks. Therefore, it hinders their website’s ability to rank and has jeopardized them from being penalized by search engines like Google. With our SEO audits, we analyze your backlink profile with industry tools to get the overall picture. If your website needs an immediate backlinking campaign to avoid search engine penalties, we immediately find relevant authoritative sites and influencers within your niche to rebuild your backlink profile as a short-term solution. Our SEO copywriting team’s long-term approach would be working with your content marketing team in developing high-quality content that earns quality links.

An SEO Company Using The Best Link Building Tools To Build Your Website Authority

We have invested in some of the best industry-standard tools for building your website quality backlinks such as ahrefs. By having the best link-building tools at our disposal, we develop backlinking campaigns to reach other authoritative websites to create that “vote of confidence” from one site to another which is important to search engines like Google.

Link Building FAQs

Why is building links to my website important?

Search engine optimization is a holistic process and must operate within the rules of search engines such as Google. Google’s algorithm utilizes backlinks as a signal of trust. The more high-quality backlinks from other websites that point to your website will tell Google you are trustworthy. The key is high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites.

How long does a link-building campaign take to build?

There are many variables to consider when building a timeline for a link-building campaign. There is the content development process as well as the format of the content. Also, there is the outreach to be considered for the link-building campaign. There is ongoing communication between third parties such as bloggers, influencers, or journalists. The benefit of a well-planned link-building campaign is that coverage continues for a few additional weeks along with additional backlinks. Typically, it takes three months to complete a link-building campaign.

What should I do if I think I have low-quality backlinks?

Consult a search engine optimization professional. A SEO profesional knows knowing what makes a backlink toxic. Also, they utilize industry tools to identify any potential bad links that are harming your domain authority. Work on a short-term plan such as blogger influencer outreach to increase your domain rating with a long-term strategy with content marketing for sustainability.


Can you gurantee a certain number of link for a campaign?

Only those practicing black-hat linkbuilding tactics will promise specific numbers. With a white approach to linkbuilding, it is not possible for any SEO agency to gurantee an exact number of links to a client. The succes for any linkbuilding campaign is dependent upon your content, bloggers, influencers, journalists,and publisher that wish to include it within their content and give you a link to it. But, we have seen number from 5 to 100+ backlinks to company’s website.

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