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Our SEO consultants can help your business move ahead of the competition and get your more clicks than PPC with our search engine optimization recommendations.


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As local SEO consultants, we work with B2B and eCommerce businesses developing SEO action plans that raises awareness while improving search engine rankings.

Our Process As A SEO Consulting Firm

Our SEO consultants will review what SEO efforts are in place on your website. We examine your business and its overall SEO picture. We review SEO factors that are currently working well for your business and what is hindering it. And, we provide SEO recommendations with SEO strategies to enhance your website’s online visibility and increase your conversion rates. Then, we develop a customized road map with action items designed for your business to reach your target prospects effectively

We customize our SEO plans to your business, not a cookie-cutter approach. To develop the strategies for your plan, we consider a business’s online target prospects that are searching for your products or services. We consider the various demographics and personas.  Also, our plans take location into a consideration: are you operating locally, national or globally? We provide a comprehensive approach to reach your SEO goals.

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Our SEO Consulting Services Include

Our SEO consulting service includes a complete game plan guiding your business from where you are now and where you can go to achieve your business goals and growth with SEO.


Comprehensive SEO Audit

Our team will examine technical issues that could be hindering your efforts to achieve proper ranking. Also, we will identify SEO opportunities that could enhance your rankings even further. We provide recommendations such as on-page optimizations, website and blog content, internal linking structure, HTML markup, page speed optimizations, website architecture, and more.


Keyword Research & Targeting

Proper keyword research is crucial to any online business. Our SEO consultants perform a rigorous analysis of your current keyword rankings for pages on your website and examine your competitors as well. Also, we take into consideration of your target prospects on which keywords would fit your business goals.

SEO Game Plan

Once our SEO consultants have completed the SEO audit and keyword research, they will develop initial SEO recommendations that will kickstart making an impact on your business. Our SEO game plans designed by our SEO consultants are designed for both short-term and long-term SEO projects so that your business can achieve growth in your rankings.

SEO Implementation Direction

Our SEO consultants have experience in implementing SEO strategies on numerous CMS and eCommerce platforms. Also, we have worked with clients that have hardcoded websites. We will work with your internal team on guidelines and the best SEO practices for implementing our outlined SEO strategies while educating them on why they should consider them for search engines.

Competitor SEO Analysis

Beyond competitive keyword research, our SEO consultants will examine the top competitors that you have identified and leverage this information within your SEO game plan. We examine variables such as their on-page strategy, what keywords they are using for each of their target personas, the content strategy to reach these audiences, and the overall backlinking strategy. Our goal is to deconstruct their approach and discover SEO opportunities for your business.

High Quality Link Building

We do not take a massive link-building approach but look at the quality of backlinks when developing our SEO game plans. We have seen with many businesses that low-quality links harm search engine rankings, some cases resulting in penalties from search engines such as Google.

We utilize industry-standard SEO tools to audit your current backlinks and research link-building opportunities that are relevant to your business’s products or services. We can help with the execution of building quality backlinks to your website.

SEO Website Redesign Consulting

Website redesigns are a massive undertaking for any business. Our SEO consultants can guide team members with the best SEO practices. For instance, an SEO consultant can provide insights on UX, site architecture, areas for conversion opportunities, SEO content analysis, initial on-page optimization recommendations, potential redirect issues, how to preserve current quality backlinks, and how to preserve current rankings for top-performing pages as well as benchmarking rankings before and after a redesign launch. All of these variables are a good reason to consider an SEO consultant in order to prevent SEO mistakes.


SEO Performance Reporting

SEO performance reporting is key to any SEO game plan. It allows a business to assess SEO tactics and adapt SEO plans based on search trends, algorithm updates from search engines such as Google, and your new business objectives. To understand these results, you will receive a report on key performance metrics that matter to your business. Within the monthly report, you will get a list of SEO deliverables, observations and insights, and the next steps with the game plan.

Once you have received your monthly report, the SEO consultant will schedule a call to discuss the report’s findings and plans for the next month’s phase of the game plan.

SEO Consulting FAQs

Is SEO consulting the same as SEO Services?

A local SEO consultant develops a plan of action to enhance your rankings and your brand visibility with search engines for your business. Typically, the SEO consultant provides solutions with a list of deliverables to implement on your website.

SEO services encompass developing game plans for clients and implementing them on their behalf. If you are looking for an SEO agency to works with both, consider our SEO services?

When will I see results from SEO services & consulting?

Many variables must be consider. These could include: search engine penalties, the competitiveness of your industry, past SEO efforts, current rankings, and the age of your domain. With a solid game plan in place, you will see a steady increase in rankings which are good indicators that your SEO plan is working. Recognized brands have invested in long term SEO and realized the importance of position 1.

Will you work with our website vendors with SEO implementation?

Our SEO consulting team has worked with website vendors in the past to achieve client goals.

Does my business need both a SEO consulting and SEO services?

A SEO consultant will provide a thorough evaluation of your website’s current SEO and rankings. Also, the SEO consultant will spend time with you outlining your target audiences and develop personas and psychographic profiles for keyword development and targeting.

Many SEO service agencies develop game plans but do not offer those deep-dive findings as SEO consultants. The primary role of SEO service agencies methodically implements SEO game plans that either they have developed or have been developed by an SEO consultant.

We can accommodate pricing to any SEO package to allow for those deep-dives you would require from an SEO consultant.


Get an Estimate for A SEO Consultation

Each SEO consulting project is different. For us to provide accurate quoting, we wil need to speak with you more about your company’s brand, current SEO efforts, some details about your target audiences, and more discussion about your goals. Please complete the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. If you would like to speak with us directly to discuss your project(s) over the phone, call or send us a text at (203) 800-6923.

We ask for your phone number to reach you with any questions that we might have about your project. 

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